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The other day hubby to be came home with the jeweler’s bag and I immediately knew that my long awaited ring was finally mine! But when he handed me the ring box, I opened it and there was no ring to be found…I was confused, and he was too, figuring that they forgot to put it back into the box when the guy finished cleaning it.

But then, my lovely fiance popped out another ring box, with my actual ring inside. That little stinker. Oh well, who cares, I finally have my wedding ring!

It is insanely hard trying to get a decent picture of it, but I’ll share one that I took with my phone. It’s a simple band, with seven small diamonds across the top.

wedding ring alone

wedding and engagement ring together



I’ve seen several pictures both through friend’s Facebook pictures and also through my own searching online on how wedding rings and engagement rings look like on people’s fingers. Sounds creepy, but seriously, when you are looking for a wedding band, you want something that compliments your engagement band.

But here’s the next question…how are you supposed to wear the two rings together?

I grew up seeing my mom only ever wearing her gold wedding band, and no engagement ring. Things have changed and now she wears two rings (engagement band on one hand, and another ring my dad bought her on the other.)

So how does one wear two rings together? Traditionally the engagement ring is worn on top of the wedding band. The Greek believed a vein in the ring finger of the left hand led directly to the heart, which is why wedding rings are worn on that finger.  So, for many, wearing the wedding band under the engagement ring puts the wedding band “closest to the heart,” and the engagement ring worn on top of it “protects” it.

Of course with everything turning modern, people have chosen to do whatever is most comfortable, and I am all for that! Also, some brides choose to leave the engagement band on first because it was the first sign of commitment their future husband gave them. To each their own. For me though, when I went out and looked at bands, I purposefully tried the bands first with my e-ring second.

Now comes the tricky part…what to do during the actual wedding ceremony. There’s actually a few different options:

– Wear the engagement ring on the right hand during the ceremony, and move it to the left hand after the ceremony.
– Wear the engagement ring on the left hand during the ceremony but discreetly switch the order of the rings between the ceremony and reception if desired.
– Put the engagement ring in a safe place or give it to your maid of honor and place back onto your finger until after the wedding ring is in place.

I guess you can call me old fashioned, but I don’t want to take my wedding ring off right after my new husband puts it on my finger. I think at this point in time I am going to plan on switching my engagement ring to my right hand right before the ceremony and then place it onto my left hand once the exchange of rings is complete.

Our rings are officially bought!! The store where we ended up buying them was having a huge sale, so we decided to use that to our advantage. But, we also got an associate discount because one of Kyle’s previous co-workers is the store’s assistant manager…let’s just say I ended up getting about $250 off of my ring!

We ended up taking Kyle’s ring home with us because it was exactly what he wanted, and it also fit perfectly! As for mine, we had to special order it because my finger is a size 4.5…yea, I have tiny fingers. They said it should take about 6 weeks for it to come in.

Rings are bought! Probably one of the, if not THE, most important thing about getting married is done!!

Before we got engaged we didn’t really discuss rings that much. Whenever we did talk about what I would like my engagement ring to look like, I had told him that I wanted something simple, classic, and clean looking. I didn’t want just one stone, but I only wanted a three stone ring. I didn’t need all that decorative tiny little diamonds all over the band, nor any huge rocks. I have tiny, skinny fingers…my engagement ring is only a 4.5 size!! I could never wear some huge rock!

Now it’s time for us to start looking at our wedding bands, and while I sorta have an idea of what I would like, I have to keep in mind that I would like it to complement my engagement ring. My fiance on the other hand, has pretty much known what style he’d like for the beginning.

Up first are some ideas of what I have in mind:

Although you can’t tell much from this picture, the setting mimic’s my engagement ring setting. It’s a prong setting, and it’s a skinny band, which I think would work with my e-ring.

The second one has the same white gold smooth plain band like my e-ring, but the diamonds in this one are set within the band. I like it, but I don’t think it’d work with my engagement ring.

Kyle’s top contenders all pretty much look exactly the same:

He likes the brushed steel effect, plus he loves the titanium metal.

He likes this one because it’s a wider band, but it’s got the exact same look like the first one.

We’re hoping to get a day off together from work, or go before or after work one day to go and look at rings in person and at least get a quote on how much our bands are going to cost us.