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Tomorrow I am packing up my car and driving up to Michigan. When I return back to Kentucky I will be a married woman.

Where the hell did the time go?!?!!

I decided to take the entire week of the wedding off from work so I can focus solely on getting everything finished up. I still have to do all the escort cards, which I’m hoping to crank out this weekend, pull together all the out of town gift bags, and make sure the ceremony programs and table numbers are printed and ready to go.

I’ll see you all after the wedding!!


I’m off to Michigan for a weekend with my three girls!

See you Sunday!

Two weekend’s ago Kyle and I went out to IKEA and bought two bookcases for our living room. We are lacking some serious storage around this place, and we wanted something for us to store all our dvd’s and display some pictures.

While we were booking it for the aisles to pick up our boxes of goodies, Kyle spotted a mason jar sitting on one of the shelves. For a measly $3 we picked it up for our brilliant idea we started the previous day.

That mason jar has become our honeymoon fund jar.

We will have money in our bank accounts to pay for our accommodations, but we wanted to save up some cash for food and activities once we get to Florida. We like the idea of trying to just carry cash, because it let’s you see how much you have spent, instead of whipping out that plastic and getting back and seeing your depleted account.

We are throwing in any cash we get or find. I’ve been putting in all my tips that I receive from work, and Kyle has been taking money out whenever we go to the grocery store. It’s been great to save up something together, and be so excited whenever either of us are able to add something to it. Within a little over a week’s time we have already gathered up over $200 in the jar (I caved and counted it this morning, though I didn’t count all the random change). But hopefully our jar will look like this by the time June rolls around:

I am writing to you from Hotlanta…or well just Atlanta I guess considering it’s only 39 degrees outside right now. (Well, to be more specific, I’m in Smyrna, but it’s only 20 minutes outside the city). I woke up at the crack of dawn…or rather 4am, to make it to the airport and catch my 6am flight.

I’m down here for the next couple of days visiting my parents in their new place, so I’ll be back up in Kentucky hopefully on Wednesday!

I swear I think I-75 and me are becoming really close friends. I drive it every day to and from work, but after crossing over the bridge into Ohio, I always veer off to the right to head east. But when heading to Michigan, I get this feeling of breaking free of Kentucky when I don’t get off at my usual exit.

In two weeks the fiance and I will be heading up to Michigan for another whirl-wind three day adventure.

Tuesday, November 2nd we will tackle the 4.5 hour drive, and then be wonderfully rewarded by having our menu tasting at 3pm. After that it’s out to Bloomfield Hills for me to have my eyebrow appointment. Wednesday, November 3rd I have a 9am hair appointment, followed by our much anticipated engagement portrait session! After that we have a 2pm florist appointment in Livonia.

Today I called our florist, and talked to them about getting all white and green flowers ordered and to have a low and high centerpiece mocked up for our appointment. Can’t wait to actually see them in person, because I honestly have no idea what to even do with flowers.

Last time (I think) that I’ll be heading up to Michigan for the rest of this year!