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One of the added things to do for out of town guests is to make hotel accommodations available. This is an interesting situation, because not only do I have to find rooms for out of town guests and family, but I also have to get hotel rooms for even my immediate family now that we are all officially moved out of Michigan.

The closest hotel to our reception is literally two blocks away, not even a five minute drive. This afternoon I called and spoke with someone to set up a hotel room block, only for a mere 10 rooms, but that number will probably increase. This block is at The Dearborn Inn, a Marriott Hotel. Coincidentally, it was the Marriott I transferred from, so I know how things roll over there.

The woman I spoke with is currently drawing up a group booking contract to send over to me. Apparently I am able to have up to 20 rooms and not be financially responsible for any of the rooms that don’t get booked, which is definitely good to know.

Just another thing slowly being taken care of…