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Last Thursday we met with the florist to go over every single detail. We sat down and first detailed out the delivery times (church, hotel, reception) and went through the flower choices for everyone (I still cannot recall what I want in my bouquet, and I can guess that when the day comes I won’t even know what’s in it. But as long as it’s pretty, I don’t care!) We decided to add on two small arrangements for the church, and also two small arrangements for the reception (for the escort card table) and also a cake topper that will be made out of fresh flowers.

Later that evening I met with the music director who will be taking care of all the music during our ceremony at the church. It was amazing being inside the church with only a portion of the lights on, and hearing the organ and piano just echo in the silence. We picked out the processional and recessional music, as well as filler music that will be played throughout the ceremony, when people are being seated, and also after the ceremony has concluded.

Bonus add-on: my uncle plays the trumpet and offered his services during the ceremony, which of course we jumped at the chance for him to play. The music selection for my walk down the aisle will even be more powerful with a trumpet being played. I cannot wait!!


When I first acquired my drivers license I would take any family car I could lay my hands on so I could go out with my friends. Whenever I’d end up with my dad’s car I could always expect some new mix cd that he recently put together and threw into the car. Some of the stuff was odd, but I found my musical taste beginning to grow by things that I would hear.

I took one of those mix cd’s and made a copy of it onto my computer.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago where I found that mix cd in my car, stashed away between my old cd’s from the early 00’s. The below song is featured on my cd and with the 20 minute ride going to work, the song puts me to ease, even amongst the chaos of traveling on I-75.