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This morning was my first fitting with Tony King. One word to describe him: awesome! But before I talk about the appointment, let me back track and talk about the adventure of getting there. His studio is in downtown Cincinnati, not in the best of locations, but the area is going through a revival.

The building he works out of is located directly next door to the police department. After finding the place (which the building might not look the greatest…neither did the creepy stairway or the tiny elevator), the floor opened up to his huge studio workspace. Gowns were everywhere, he had books, pictures, music playing…it was an amazing space!

I slipped into my gown, put my shoes on, and walked out in front of the mirror for him to look at what he’d be working with. He absolutely loved my dress, loved the satin material and color. AND, the best thing about it, is that he honestly does not need to do much.

All that he pinned was the back of my dress (the dress fell a bit away from my back), the front hem, and also the bustle. That is it!

He pinned everything and I just walked around and around. He commented saying that I looked quite comfortable in the dress, which I definitely did. Nothing made me want to pull it up or wiggle around in it. It felt very comfortable.

I know his reviews are a bit all over the place, but I honestly loved him and can’t wait till the beginning of April when I have my second appointment.


It took me a while to figure out what was going on with someone doing my makeup. I am one of those girls who hardly ever wears any, so when it comes to finding someone, it’s sorta difficult because I am completely clueless.

Thanks to one of my friends who got married last May, she recommended someone to me that also specializes in airbrush makeup.

In a whirlwind back and forth emailing craze over the last 24 hours, I went ahead and called her and put down a deposit to hold our date, as well as booked my makeup trial for the same day as my hair trial!

The place is called Bridal Beauty on Location, which means they will be coming to our hotel to do all our makeup! One less place I will need to be driving around to on our wedding day.

Today is the day I get to go and pick up my wedding dress! I thought I would have at least another month until it came in, but now I’ll have my hands around it in 3 short hours, I can only think that the time between now and the big day is getting shorter and shorter.

When I moved down to Kentucky, I knew it was going to be rough trying to plan a Michigan wedding. I had to resort to sending lots of emails, filling out online inquiries, and making lots of phone calls. When it came time to decide on where to purchase the dress, the main contenders was either going to be here in Kentucky or back up in Michigan.

I ended up doing some online searches and found Fabulous Bridal, which is located in the fabulous bridal district down in Covington. Donna, who helped us out initially, was absolutely wonderful and took her time in really listening to what I liked and didn’t like. Everyone in the salon was extremely helpful, and any questions that I emailed, I knew I would receive a prompt answer.

The only down fall was the fact that the salon does not do in-house alterations, which worried my mother more than me. I can understand the pros and cons for having alterations done at the salon…more so not having to haul your dress to every alteration appointment. But in the end, we decided to stick with the salon, purchased everyones dresses, and I already have a (from what I’ve heard) fantastic alteration person lined up.

If anyone is getting married or planning a wedding around the greater Cincinnati area, I would strongly recommend the salon to anyone.

As you might have read, earlier this week we received our invitations in the mail. They turned out fantastic, and they were exactly what we wanted and perfect for what we paid for. Here are some screen shots of the proofs I was sent:


rsvp card

The vendor we chose for our save the dates and invitations was MagnetStreet. It’s an online business which specializes in giving you the customer a chance to personalize pretty much everything.

In the early stages of looking up designs in what we wanted, a lot of websites and designers didn’t have exactly what we were looking for. Sure, we could have seen if they could have changed or added things to their design, but alterations usually mean more dollar signs. MagnetStreet gives you a ton of different designs and you are able to change the wording, fonts, colors, etc to fit to exactly what you want.¬†Even if you decide to add in specific specifications, a designer will email you a proof, and you can work directly with them until you approve the final design.

The company is continuously giving out great discounts, and they are very prompt in sending out your order. I would definitely recommend MagnetStreet for anyone to use for their wedding, baby showers, graduation, christmas cards, calendars, etc. They have a wide range of products and everything is very easy to use.

Two thumbs way up!

I finally booked our florist – Westborn Flower Market in Livonia. I came to the realization that with no matter who I booked, flowers are going to be expensive, and I might as well go with someone who I like working with and who also knows what they are doing.

My designer is Richard, and he has 37 years of experience in, which makes me believe that he pretty much knows what he’s doing…haha!

I put down a deposit to hold our date and also made an appointment with him for when we go to Michigan in November to see some mock-ups and get more ideas flowing.

Last night while I was talking to my mom via skype, she let me know that she was talking to one of her friends who asked her when the wedding date was. My mom told her that it was the friday of Memorial Day weekend. The friend, shocked that it was on a holiday weekend, thanked my mom in letting her know this early so she wouldn’t make plans to go out of town.

Well, I knew it might be a slight issue that our wedding is a friday, let alone on a holiday weekend. But after hearing that even eight months out family friends are planning, I went ahead and ordered our save the dates.

I was planning on ordering them along with our invitations after we completed our tasting, and then not sending them out till around Christmas, but that’s all changed.

We ordered our save the dates through Magnet Street, an online vendor that you are able to customize pretty much anything. You are able to change the colors, the fonts, the sizes, etc. The save the dates that we ended up choosing is a mini-magnet, so hopefully even though we are sending them out earlier than anticipated, people will just put it on their refrigerator and won’t lose it.

And here’s the proof:

Here’s a compiled list of vendors that we have so far booked:

Ceremony Location – Sacred Heart Church

Reception Location – The Henry Ford, Lovett Hall Ballroom

DJ – Mike Staff Productions

Photographer – Heather Saunders

Baker – Elite Sweets

Extra Rental – ShutterBooth

Bridal Shop (Wedding gown and Bridesmaids Gowns) – Fabulous Bridal

Alterations – Tony King

Florist – Westborn Flower Market (Livonia)

Save the Dates/Invitations –